Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Box Office

The last big holiday blast at the theatre turnstiles ends on the morrow. Here's how the Top Ten (and beyond) are faring:

The live-action dog picture Marey and Me stays at #1, rocketing to $92.2 million.

Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories climbs to the second position, running a total of $73.7 million.

Benjamin Buttons's magic decreases a little, but it runs a total of $67.7 milion ...

Down in the cartoon catacombs, The Tale of Despereaux earns $2.8 million on Friday, hanging in at #7, and now has $39.6 million in the strong box.

The animated doggie film Bolt noses $108 million in domestic earnings (and whattayaknow? Maybe it gets close to my earlier $120 million prediction before it's all over.)

Madagascar 2 still hangs onto a few theatres, and has $176.5 million in domestic gross, insuring a Mad 3 will follow sooner rather than later, and in 3-D!

Add On: At the finish line on Sunday, the top six films at the box office enjoy double digit grosses for the weekend, with the Wilson-Anniston pooch picture over the $100 million mark.

And the animated features do okay too, with Despereaux (#7) earning $7 million for a total of $43,742,000 after three weeks ...

Bolt, at #12, closes in on $110 million. (While no doubt less than Disney hoped for, it's the studio's best showing since Chicken Little and makes me think my earlier prediction wasn't overly optimistic.)

Finally, Mad 2 is now within an eyeash of $177 million.


Anonymous said...

I saw Marley & Me. I gotta admit, it was a pretty moving film, especially if you're a dog lover.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Benjiman button movie is still out there. That was one boring movie. And pointless.

Anonymous said...

By moving I take it you mean constipation? I've seen undeveloped film that looked better than this piece of crap.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually see it? Or are you just talking out of turn?

The cynical bastards have taken over this blog. I bet most of you havent ever even made a film.

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