Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Imagi, the Update

I picked a hell of a week to be away from the office.

I'm informed through the magic of the telephone that the Animation Guild had a bunch of calls on Monday from suddenly unemployed Imagi staff: "What do we do now?" "Have you heard anything from the studio?" "Is it permanent?" "Is it temporary?" ...

We've been informed by a company top-kick that the company hopes to make good on all financial obligations to staff, and that Imagi corporate should have word about restarting production by Tuesday next.

Understand that there are no guarantees of a restart by early next week, but the fact that Imagi believes it's doable and possible is a hopeful sign.

In the meantime laid off employees have been advised by us to:

1) Apply for unemployment ASAP . (You can always cancel it next week if production reactivates, but get the paperwork going now.)

2) If you can, put off accepting a new job until next week. (Of course, it you were planning to move on anyway, that's a different story.)

3) Watch this space for further developments (or call the Animation Guild office.)

Me, I'm going to assume Imagi finds the financing to keep the machinery operating, because from the looks of it, they have some nice product in the pipeline. And it would be a shame if that pipeline were to, like, clog up.


Anonymous said...

May as well get the drano, cause they won't unclog this one. My bet is that funding won't come through in the next month. Let alone next week.

Anonymous said...

Is there an update to the Imagi situation? I hear that the LA office still has not re-opened.

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