Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mega Collector's Alice in Wonderland

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The Mega Collector strikes again, today with an Alice drawing from Milt Kahl for the 1951 release Alice in Wonderland, (Clair Weeks performing cleanup.)

Alice, released between between Disney hits Cinderella and Peter Pan, was the under-achiever of the trio. Terrific sequences and gorgeous animation didn't add up to the film being a major crowd-pleaser. And Walt didn't feel it really came off.

Below, the UnBirthday Party sequence:


Anonymous said...

I've always felt that essential mistake of "Alice in Wonderland" was casting such a flat and un-nuanced voice performance for Alice.

She's not believable as a child in that situation. Everytime she opens her mouth she's killing the scene.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... Thank you.

Tyler Durden said...

Pedro sounds like a creepy - but grateful - child molester..

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