Friday, February 19, 2010

The Animateds' Current Box Office

Not the high-flying hybrid stuff that is sprinkled with live (ecch) action, but the 100% unadulterated animated features. There are two still two of those in general release ...

The Princess and the Frog has earned $102.1 million in domestic release, and $109 million in overseas takings, for a grand total of $211.1 million in worldwide grosses.

Since TP&tF comes out on those little silver disks on March 16th, its domestic total is unlikely to climb a lot higher. (What the release pattern is in each foreign markets might be known to Diz Co., but certainly not to me.)

The other pure animated product out there is The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which despite critical hossanahs, isn't setting the record books on fire. As I write, the feature has made half its money inside the U.S., and half out, with a total accumulation of $40.6 million against a budget of $40 million.

Add On: As indicated above, The Princess and the Frog has now toted up a $234.2 million worldwide gross.


Anonymous said...

Fox was playing mostly indie arthouses in most cities--
Also, it wasn't as kid-friendly as most of the audience wished it was--Not scary, but just that Sundance-headed Wes Anderson didn't give much for the under-7 crowd...Or even the under-23 crowd.

And back when it was fashionable to pick on Pixar box office, Ratatouille was considered a "disappointment" for being forced to battle the summer head-to-head with giant robots, opened overseas later in a relaxed fall with no competition, and cleaned up.
Sometimes, like PATF, it IS a case of when to release it and what unwanted hits you put it up against.

robster16 said...

On a sidenote, the trailer for "Rapunzel"/"Tangled" has leaked. The very rough cut that was used for those online entertainment survey's that is. And it looks very cool. The trailer obviously target's the male/teen demographic but the scenery, animation and look of the film are already stunning, even in unrendered form. The comedy is witty and clever and doesn't rely on bodily functions to score. The sidekicks like Pascal and Maximus are fun and the dynamic between Flynn and Rapunzel is cute. She seems really bubbly, curious, shy yet adventurous and she sure knows how to work that hair. In one bit she tosses around Flynn when he invades her tower and beats him up using her own strands of hair before tying him down into a chair, where Flynn tries to use his charm to get out "here comes... the smoulder"


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