Monday, February 01, 2010

The Delayed Trip to Never Land

This is now getting pushed out across the intertubes:

Disney Television Animation has begun production on “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” ... featuring the adventures of classic characters Captain Hook and Smee, plus a new crew of kid pirates led by the enthusiastic and courageous Jake. ...

The company has kept this series under wraps for quite awhile. It was in work earlier last year but I kept my yap shut about it until the name popped up and I figured "Hey, the series is out of the bag."

Now Variety has reported the production.

What's interesting is, Disney Toon Studios had an incarnation of the Tinkerbell franchise with Hook and Smee as supporting players. A large piece of that earlier version was animated and in color before Mr. Lasseter scuttled Toon topkick Sharon Morrill's vision long-gestating vision and took Tink in another direction without the original supporting players. (You'll find the bullet points of the whole messy story here.)

So there is no Captain Hook in the present Tinkerbell direct-to-video features, but the dynamic duo will be appearing in Diz TVA's new little-kid cartoon series.

It's clear that you can't keep a good villain down. (Where's Hans Conreid when you need him?)


Robert Moon said...

Is the series supposed to be in cgi or traditional media?

Anonymous said...

Where did that monster Sharon Morrill end up? Unemployment line, I hope. GOD she was a nightmare--and one of the least creative people in the business. And a TERRIBLE manager.

If she's got children, I feel sorry for them.

Hank Fare said...

She eats children, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Don't know about that, but she's a frightening person, and the worst sort of person to be put in any sort of supervisory or management position.

I, too, would love to know where she's wreaking havoc these days, so as to avoid working there.

Anonymous said...

any idea who's the producton studio for the CGI ?

Steve Hulett said...

No idea. Sadly.

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