Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Valentine Derby

Now including cinnamon Add On.

Oh dear. The Nikkster would have us believe that Avatar has dropped to fourth place:

1. Valentines Day (Warner Bros) NEW [3,665 Theaters] Friday $16.5 million, Estimated 4-Day Weekend $60M

2. Percy Jackson & The Olympians (Fox) NEW [3,356 Theaters] Friday $10.5M, Estimated 4-Day Weekend $50M

3. The Wolfman (Universal) NEW [3,222 Theaters] Friday $10.5M, Estimated 4-Day Weekend $35M

4. Avatar (Fox) Week 9 [2,685 Theaters] Friday $4.8M, Estimated Weekend $24M, Estimated Cume $661M

5. Dear John (Relativity/Sony) Week 2 [2,975 Theaters] Friday $4.5M, Estimated Weekend $19M, Estimated Cume $56.5M

Meanwhile, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Part Two, in the fifteenth slot as of Thursday (before the avalanche of new pictures slid into multiplexes), stood at $212.6 million. The Fantastic Mr. Fox, showing in 155 theaters across the fruited plain, is up to $20.5 million.

Add On: At the wire, Valentine's Day equals its budget ($52 million and change), winning by several lengths. Percy Jackson and The Wolfman finish in a dead heat for the Place position, collecting $31.1 million and $30.6 million.

Avatar declines a mere 3.7% , raking in $22 million for a total of $659.6 million (domestic). Alvin and the Chipmunks (#18) now holds $204 million in their furry cheeks. The Princess and the Frog has collected $101.7 million.


Anonymous said...

"Have us believe"? Well, um...maybe it -has- dropped to fourth place?

(I'm not sure what the "conspiracy" is--It's been out since December, the fanboys are the only ones who still have any interest in it, regular audiences' Oscar curiosity had been satisfied a while ago, and there's new wide-mainstream openings on the menu for the first time in the year.
Were we expecting it to be around till May, like in the old days?

Anonymous said...

enough with the avatar hype. it's come it's had a good run. time to move on, there are other movies to be watched.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Wolfman beat Percy Jackson - barely:

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