Friday, February 05, 2010

The Future Made Plain

Hollywood. com lays out which animated feature will soon win the "Best Animated Feature" statuette.

... [T]his year's unquestionably worthy tip-of-the-hat went to Pixar's Up by way of a nomination for Best Picture. And ... it's obviously deserving of the Best Animated Feature nomination as it was indeed one of the best animated features of 2009. But doesn't its contention for one award render the other a done deal?

Uh, yeah.

The web site goes on:

... [A] comparable clash happened in 2000 when Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon took home Best Foreign Language Film while losing the big crown to Gladiator. Considering the former is a far superior film than the latter, it stands to reason that voting Academy members knew it would win Foreign Language so they treated its other nomination as a mere formality. Sadly, it seems more than reasonable that the exact same thing is going to happen this year with Up.

Sounds right to me. Up has as much chance of winning "Best Picture" as the Florida Everglades does of getting buried in snow. But that pretty much doubles the odds Pixar's latest walks off with "Best" in the animated category.

I'm almost as sure of that as I am that Peter Docter won't be taking home the "Best Screenplay" Oscar. (But it was a nice gesture of the Academy to give Mr. Docter the nomination.)


Anonymous said...

It snowed in Orlando in January, during their super cold week they had. Albeit not a lot of snow, but it snowed none the less..

Anonymous said...

"Considering the former is a far superior film than the latter, "

"Crouching Tiger" was a good movie, but his assertion that it's a "far superior film" to "Gladiator" is ridiculous.

And the Best Screenplay nod goes to Bob Peterson and Pete Docter.

Anonymous said...

The first 1/2 of Up was fairly non-conventional and fresh, but the house on the back, the bizarre bird, and the plot with the villain was odd. Best screenplay? Where did that one come from?

yahweh said...

Actually I find the best screenplay nod to be disingenuous since I'm assuming that there were many storyartists that helped shape that film into the story it was.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Peter Docter?

Is he related to Mike Jordan?

Anonymous said...

Or Johnathan Lasseter?

Or Edward Catmull?

Anonymous said...


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