Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animation In The Middle Kingdom

So here's what China says is happening with the animation biz in China:

There were at least eight domestically-produced animated films last year in China, making it a "blowout" year for China's cartoon films according to critics.

Yin Hong, professor and director of the Center for Film and Television Studies of Tsinghua University, said the production scale of China's cartoon industry has been expanded to more than 140,000 minutes of animation this year, which formed the foundation for many films.

He contributes the growth to the continuous efforts of the government, which set up supporting policies to boost domestic animation industry.

In 2000, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) required local TV stations to get approval from the administration and set quotas for imported cartoons to air on TV.

In 2004, it issued another regulation, stipulating that at least 60 percent of cartoon programs aired in any given quarter had to be domestic.

In September 2006, the SARFT banned all foreign cartoons from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Last February it extended the ban to 9 p.m.

Additionally, the Chinese government has made an annual investment of 200 million yuan in the animation industry since 2006.

Last July, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a favorable taxation policy to support the development of comic and animation industry.

The Chinese animation industry is clearly stifled by the heavy, suffocating hand of its Communist masters.

Just contrast what happens in horrid China to our fair democracy, where every multi-national conglomerate is free to innovate, buy and sell, and grab as much bailout money as our good-hearted Federal Government is willing to give it.

Don't know about you, but give me the clean, brisk air of Free Enterprise any time!


Anonymous said...

yup - isolationism isnt good for you.

Rodger Perry said...

More godless commie failure! The American animation market once again dominates over the whole world which is why our animators are happy, healthy, highly paid and attend to their work with the highest quality and zeal as they stand firm in the light of freedom.

Say your prayers and the pledge of allegiance every night and tomorrow you'll be feelin alright...

Anonymous said...

And China can compete on comparative quality with Japanese and American animation just by WANTING to!
If there's one power Communism has, it's wishful thinking!

God said...

"More godless commie failure! The American animation market once again dominates over the whole world"

Wow, I didnt know McArthy was a blogger...

What's with this jingoism that permeates the US, jeez!

Communism failed, we get it!. Like 20 years ago...

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