Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Artists in Gallery 839

Herewith, more on the artists and sculptors now on display at The Animation Guild deep in the heart of Burbank:

Artist: Ruben Procopio. (click on the thumbnails for full-sized images.

Rubén Procopio is an American animation and comic book artist. Long affiliated with Walt Disney Feature Animation as an animator and sculptor, Rubén is known for his versatile sculpting and illustration style in both cartoony and realistic characters, with an emphasis on Disney characters, superheroes, and the masked heroes of yesteryear.

Artist: Vicki Banks.

Vicki Banks, a long-time animation artist, has in recent years used her sharp artistic skills in other other areas.

After twenty years in the animation business, sculptor Vicki Banks really knows how to bring a character to life in subtle ways. She captures a fleeting moment in her subjects’ lives, whether it is an introspective moment as a skater ties a bootlace or the private thoughts of a giraffe as it perambulates the savanna.

Artist: Annie Guenther.

Ann Guenther has worked as a top-flight background artist in animation for decades. She brings the same keen eye and sense of color that has served her so well in animated features and shorts to the paintings she displays this month at Gallery 839.

Artist: George Scribner.

Artist George Scribner, born and raised in Panama, became an animator and then feature animation director at the Walt Disney Animation Studios during the 1980s. Today he works as the animation director for the Walt Disney Company's far-flung theme parks and paints extensively.

Artist: Bill Wray.

Bill Wray began working in the animation business as a teen-ager. Bill went on to work in writing and drawing comic books, animation and illustration. He is mostly known for his painting style on the Ren and Stimpy Show, his work in Mad Magazine and his collaborations with Mike Mignola on Hellboy Jr. Bill is currently concentrating on fine art oil painting..


Anonymous said...

Those are great. Ruben is a tremendous talent and a great person too. Beautiful work.


Tim said...

Ruben's Hellboy is up for auction (ending Valentine's Day):

rufus said...

That's some amazing work by mr. Procopio. wow.


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