Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tomorrow: Your last chance to see "Canvas, Polyresin and Bronze"

Above: George Scribner, Rubén Procopio, Bill Wray, Annie Guenther and Vicki Banks

If you missed the opening of the Gallery 839 exhibit "CANVAS, BRONZE AND POLYRESIN" and haven't had an opportunity to see it yet, tomorrow's your last chance before it goes away. The gallery, which is located at our headquarters at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, will be open on Sunday, February 28 from noon until 3 pm.

William Wray, Vicki Banks, George Scribner, Rubén Procopio and Annie Guenther will be in attendance. All artwork is available for purchase.

Gallery 839 is featuring the art of Animation Guild members and other animation artists, highlighting their artistic contributions outside of the sphere of what they do for animation studios.

We are interested in setting up both group shows and individual exhibits. If you have an idea for an upcoming show, or for further details, e-mail Jeff Massie at


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