Thursday, February 11, 2010

At Film Roman

I spent the morning at the home of the Yellow Family, the big building next to the Bob Hope Airport.

And one of the employees, grinning sardonically next to his computer, pointed me to this:

The future of independent distributor Overture Films hangs in the balance as corporate parent Liberty Media led by billionaire John Malone seeks to rid itself of the unit, according to individuals knowledgeable about the company ...

The move away from film distribution is not unexpected, as John Malone’s enthusiasm for financing the independent film unit has waned with the lack of demonstrable profits in a struggling time for the industry. The two animation companies, Film Roman and Starz Animation, have lost money for the division. ...

So there is dark talk around the studio about yet another corporate hand off, which adds to the general levity as a smaller animation staff works harder on The Simpsons' high definition wide screen version.

"Most people around here figure we go one more season and that's it. I mean, next season has been greenlit, but it hasn't been officially greenlit. Nobody knows much beyond that."

My outsider's guess (based on mostly nothing) is that if the ratings are good enough, and the voice actors don't demand a lot more money, then there might be additional seasons in the show's future. But if not, not.

And at some point another Yellow Family feature will be made (hopefully not so far down the pike that people forget what the property is about), and artists will be reassembled -- assuming they haven't retired -- for One Last Fling with Homer and Marge.


Anonymous said...

Looks like The Haunted World of El Superbeasto was a total flop, just like we all expected.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there. It's hideously ugly, and super unfunny and unentertaining. The writing is juvenile, too.

Steve Hulett said...

But outside of those things, you found it outstanding.

Anonymous said...

... but the original designs were gorgeous before Starz cheaped out on the film.

My 2 Cents said...

Excuse me, is it The Simpson's fault that Starz and Film Roman are losing money? Why take it out on them? If you have a blue chip stock, you invest
more- you don't cut back.

Please, please Mr. Malone, sell the studios to someone who will know what to do with them!

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