Monday, September 27, 2010

Animation Domination

... dominates somewhat less due to sporting events.

... NBC and Sunday Night Football dominated the ratings, but all the Fox and ABC season premieres except Brothers & Sisters (which was even) fell vs. last year’s premieres. ... The Simpson’s 3.7 adults 18-49 rating was down 14% from last season’s premiere (9/27/09). The Cleveland Show’s 3.1 rating was down 37% from its series premiere last season. Family Guy’s 4.5 rating lead the night, but was down 15% vs. last season’s premiere. ...

I think it will take several weeks, and the end of the gridiron season, to see where Fox's Sunday lineup ends in the ratings race.

I was up visiting The Simpsons crew this morning, and several artists and one of the directors mentioned how happy they've been working on a long-running show, even though the work hasn't always been easy.

"Sometimes it's been like pushing through mud, you know? There were problems to solve, and it went on 52 weeks a year. But that's a nice problem to have, working year-round. Nobody had any idea it would go on this long when we started. I know none of the executives did. But here we are. ..."

I opined that the show would go on for years yet. (Fox isn't going to toss away one of its cash cows until the animal stops giving milk.)


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