Monday, September 20, 2010

Frankenweenie, the Animated

The Nikkster details Tim Burton's casting for his new stop motion feature:

Tim Burton is going to familiar people to voice cast Frankenweenie, Burton's stop motion animated Disney feature based on his 1984 short ....

The actors for his remake include Catherine O'Hara, Martins Landau and Short, and Winona Ryder.

I'm so old I can remember when Tim was boarding the original version across the hall. He was an animator then, escaping into live action. Now he's a live-action director returning to his roots.


Anonymous said...

Tim Burton is going to familiar people to voice cast Frankenweenie

...NAWWWWWW!!!! ;)

(I thought he was going to be lazy and use an all-new cast of completely new actors, and not even call Helena Bonham Carter!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he makes a feature out of his Disney Channel Kung Fu version of Hansel and Gretel. THAT was AWESOME!

And Terry Gilliam is doing an animated feature now, too. Can't wait.

Bory Orialis said...

Man Steve, you. Are. Ooooooooooooooolllllld. ;)

Wait. Terry Gilliam is doing an animated feature? What? Where? When?

Anonymous said...

And PLEASE don't say the article where Terry only said he "wanted" to do a movie with Pixar. (As in, "Yeah, who doesn't, pal?")

Anonymous said...

Despite having nothing to do with the film or its story, huge posters of Johnny Depp will ubiquitously plastered everywhere for months on end,

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