Thursday, September 02, 2010

At the DreamWorks of Animation

The morning hours found me at the Glendale campus of DWA, where work is winding to a close on Megamind and there are half a dozen other features in various stages of production ...

I was privileged to see DreamWorks new Christmas teevee special Kung Fu Panda, Home for the Holidays (or whatever it's ultimately called; nobody could tell me the title and I missed the opening.)

The special was in 3-D, and I'll say what I've said before: DWA creates kick-ass dimensional cinema. The cuts and transitions were witty, making vivid use of the technology, and the gags played like gangbusters. (Staffers said the special was boarded, animated and finaled in Glendale. The original voice cast was in place.)

I still think the Moving View Master format is overblown, but DreamWorks makes better use of it than anybody else.


Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know: Is Tai Lung in the special?

Lruce Bee said...

I hear Cleopatra Jones makes an appearance as well as a cameo by Black Caesar. Seventies Kung-Fu RULES!

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