Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“Nine Nation Animation”

The New York Times highlights quality animation from around the globe.

“Nine Nation Animation” is the third installment in the series The World According to Shorts, anthologies of award-winning short films made outside the United States. It’s the first to consist entirely of animation, and it’s a winner ...

Perhaps this is the ultimate animated-live action hybrid:

Newsarama tells of character actors, villains and animated super-heroes:

Ed Asner reprises his Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League television series roles as the tough-as-nails Granny Goodness in the film.

“It was just one of those bizarre casting choices. The other night with Bruce Timm when we did this same screening at the Paley Center in Los Angeles I turned to him and said, ‘What possessed us to make that choice?’ We knew that Granny was hideous looking and we knew Granny was going to be bizarre on this weird world, this Apokolips and so we knew we wanted it to be odd,” she said. “And then Bruce out of the blue just said, ‘What about Ed Asner?’ ..."

Broadway actress Donna Murphy* reveals plot points for Tangled:

DM: There's a prologue in the movie, and in the prologue it sets up how my character knows that Rapunzel's hair has this quality. Gothel was aware that there was a flower in this village that had this magical element to it that kept her young. The nectar from this flower kept her young. So then, the queen was pregnant with a child and she became very ill and the people in the town found this flower and became aware, too, of it possessing a healing quality and they picked the flower. So, that deprived my character, Gothel, of what... probably what really kept her alive...

Time for more genuine fake 3-D:

... Lucasfilm has decided to reprocess the series into that format and release the films in theaters again, starting in 2012 with the 1999 prequelThe Phantom Menace. It's only one-sixth of the news that Star Wars fans have been waiting to hear, but it's the first step toward converting the other prequels and original trilogy. ..

* Corrected.


Justin said...

That would be Broadway actress Donna Murphy.

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