Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here Come the Negotiations

The trade papers report:

On Sept. 27, SAG and AFTRA will begin seven weeks of joint negotiations with the AMPTP to hammer out a new TV-theatrical contract to replace the one that expires June 30. The Directors Guild will begin its TV-theatrical negotiations with the companies on Nov. 15.

And by next Summer or Fall, it will be the IATSE's turn.

As reported earlier, the big issues are going to be funding the pension and health plans. Health care costs are rising at their usual 10-12% per year, and plan assets have not been growing robustly. I expect that wage increases will be minimal.

The underlying sentiments of our fine, entertainment conglomerates are: "Don't you know there's a recession on?! We're not giving you sh*t!!"


Anonymous said...

Well seems to me that an all out campaign of propaganda is in order to EDUCATE the public at large as to the the REAL sentiments of the entertainment conglomerates.

That's what THEY do when they want to lure clueless newbies into their slave labor webs.
Remember all those television specials
aimed straight at the public, that painted such a rosey picture of what it was like to work in the animation studios?
Propaganda! Vicious propaganda!

It STILL goes on to this day.......some disguised as features that tout "A trip down memory lane...OH! wasn't it WONderful??".


Anonymous said...

Ever see Dream On Silly Dreamer?

Anonymous said...

Yes. I fell asleep at all the self indulgent whining.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the pot and kettle .. You've got nerve calling anything self indulgent.

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