Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Quarter Century Ago

Tom Sito reminds us of this.

The premiere of Disney Television Animation's first syndicated series on Steptember 18, 1987.

Fred Wolf was the original show-runner (this was before Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles lifted off and Fred had his own full-time studio.)

Disney sunk an inordinate amount of money into the project, and there were cost overruns. And sweaty executive palms. In fact, the scuttlebutt was that some division heads were going to roll because of all the extra money being eaten up on production. But then the show premiered, the ratings were way above projections, and the management at Disney TVA -- a short while before in the dog house -- were heroes.

Because, friends and neighbors, when all the dust has settled, and all the money has been spent, if you create a hit show that makes the company BIG profits (and DuckTales did), you are magically transformed from flea-ridden canine into golden genius.


Chris Sobieniak said...


Oh I loved that part, thanks Steve for reminding me of what tickled my fancy as a 10 year old!

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