Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nick Product

The press release:

Nickelodeon and the National Football League continue their relationship with NFL RUSH ZONE: Season of the Guardians, the first-ever original half-hour animated series developed by a major U.S. sports league and a cable network, the two entities jointly announced today.

The second installment of the Nicktoons series (24 episodes) - based on NFLRUSH ZONE, the NFL's online world for kids - is set to premiere on Nicktoons this November and follows kid protagonist Ishmael (Ish) and his friends on a journey to protect the league's 32 teams and the world from a plotting master villain. ...

Okay, another cartoon series. Big whoop. But one of the more interesting aspects of this is, it's a hand-drawn show.

Nick, a couple of years back, was gearing up to produce more and more CG (and they were hiring the computer modeling crews to prove it, many fresh out of school.)

But it seems Nickelodeon is taking a second look at hand-drawn fare, and now using a (somewhat) more balanced approach. Nick's discovered that traditional animation has a place at the t.v. table, and ratings don't necessarily "pop" just because the latest television half-hour is computer generated.

Unlike their theatrical counterparts, more and more it seems that hand-drawn cartoons still have a major role to play on the home screen.


Anonymous said...

jester: There's a trailer for Dorothy of Oz. I'v seen it and it looks like a straight to dvd movie.

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