Saturday, September 08, 2012

Animation Projects

Here, there and everywhere.

Tobey Maguire is turning to "Cardboard" with some help from Fox Animation, WedgeWorks and graphic novelist Doug TenNapel. Fox is optioning the recently published Graphix tome for its WedgeWorks banner to develop. ...

A source close to the project says Maguire, who voiced the lead in WB's "Cats & Dogs," may have the option of voicing one of the main roles if the project moves forward. Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios are now in post-production on Wedge's "Epic," a 3D CG-animated action-adventure film due in May 2013. ...

When a sector of the film business is hot, the executives yanking the purse strings pour more money into it and increase the temperature.

Funny how that works.


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