Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brain Wave

From the honcho of one of our fine, entertainment conglomerates.

... NBCUniversal chief executive Steve Burke is hoping for more from the Universal Pictures-backed animation shop Illumination Entertainment. The plan is for Illumination to go from making one film every 18 months to two a year, Burke said. Next year, Illumination will release a sequel to "Despicable Me."

Increasing animation isn't just a priority to help the studio. Burke also wants more animation product that can be used to create new attractions at Universal's theme parks. ...

Mr. Burke has (probably) noticed that animation has the highest profit margins of any move genre. And that cartoon guy on which 20th Century-Fox took a pass on his teddy bear project?

... "We'd like to see 'Ted 2' as soon as we can," Burke said. ...

The big question is, why isn't NBC developing a prime-time animation block? Or is Fox the Diz Co. of nighttime cartoons, and nobody else can get in?


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