Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tartakovsky's voice at the Voice:

"I hate realism. In America especially, we're very narrow-minded as far as animation goes. There is only one kind of movie, and that's that big, family-oriented, four-quadrant, please-everyone kind of film. But if I wanted realism, I'd watch a live-action movie. Those lines are being blurred every day. When I go to see a movie, especially an animated movie, I'm going to escape. The more realistic it is, the less believable it is."

Pretty sure G.T. wouldn't have much interest in directing a mo cap feature.


tbrunojr said...
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tbrunojr said...

Now I HAVE to say 'something'!

The animation style in 'Hotel T' is as big as I've seen CG animation go- It's 'over-the-top'! Super-difficult to achieve on a budget. Have to love it, in as much as it was not only his vision to make this a centerpiece for that, but then to be the 'great negotiator' to in fact, see this film through to its completion: Genndy's a big stud :)

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