Monday, September 03, 2012

Dragon Reviewed

The Times (and others) gives the cable version a thumbs up.

"Dragons: Riders of Berk," which premieres Tuesday, is the latest small-screen incarnation of a successful animated film to retain both the personality and production value of its progenitor.

But unlike its predecessors, it plays more like sequel than spinoff. (Although a cinematic sequel is also in the works.) ...

Its stories, set on the viking-settled island of Berk, speak of tolerance and the value of withholding judgment. There the human denizens have made friends with their centuries-old foes, the dragons. ...

The pre-production crew -- the writers, board artists, modelers and designers -- are headquartered in Studio City. Staff was originally employed by APU/Wildbrain, which was doing the development work for DWA. But there were some production hiccups (no pun intended) along the way, and now DreamWorks Television Animation is the corporate entity doing the work.

Having walked through the facility on multiple occasions, I can say that everyone is working their hindquarters off to make the series top drawer. (You can say this of lots of animated projects, but Dragons has been particularly challenging because of the corporate musical chairs that took place a few months back. So it's nice to see the show is getting good critical reaction. Now, on to ratings.)


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