Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cartoon Network Rolls On

From the press release:

... Cartoon Network has greenlit two animated series conceived as part of the shorts development initiative underway at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA. Steven Universe, from Adventure Time writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, and Uncle Grandpa, from Emmy(R) Award-nominee Pete Browngardt, have started pre-production and are currently slated for a 2013 debut. Building upon the global success of recent artist-driven series like Adventure Time and Regular Show, both new series will further define the genre of homegrown animated comedies coming from Cartoon Network Studios. ...

As we've noted before, Cartoon Network has been on a roll of late. They have newer executives on board, and the studio has gone back to its roots: developing staff artists' ideas into shorts, then throwing the results against the wall to see which ones stick.

Variety points out that CN reinstituted its shorts program after a break, although the paper neglects to note that CN's breakout hit Adventure Time comes courtesy of Nickelodeon putting the original pilot into turnaround. (And Nick's miscalculation became Cartoon Network's good fortune.)

In addition to the new shows, the network of Cartoons is revamping the seat of its creative power in Burbank. The second floor of its studio is being repainted, recarpeted, and generally revamped. The third floor is in work, and then the fist floor gets redone. Staffers inform me that the plan is to have executives occupy the first floor, with creatives staff housed on the second and third. (The studio also leases several floors of an adjacent skyscraper fronting Glen Oaks Boulevard.)

A lot of L.A. animation studios just now have animated t.v. series in various stages of development. It's nice to observe CN creating its fair share.


Unknown said...

And where, oh where, has "I Heart Tuesdays" gone?

Any news on this show's whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Ne Yo's concept sounded original and entertaining. I hope they didn't cancel it to make room for this stuff.

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