Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your 2012 TAG Wage Survey

... is right here.

A few (more) selected details:

Feature Directors -- $3,552.50 (weekly median wage.)
TV Directors -- $2,500 (median)
Retake Directors -- $1,959.40 (median)

Feature Story Artists -- $1,987.00 (median)
Production Boards (TV) $2,000 (median)
Storyboard Revision -- $1,616.00 (median)

Art Directors -- $2,400 (median)
Model Designers -- $1,885.58 (median)
Prop Designers -- $1,725 (median)...

Having a digital version of the survey this year appears to have made a difference in what we got back. Instead of a 22% overall response rate, we had a 24% response rate, and the highest number (as opposed to percentage) of returned survey forms ever.

As always, some categories had a higher return than others. Design and color artists returned 35% of their survey forms, while writers returned 16%. (Every other category fell somewhere in between.)

We hope you find this wage snapshort useful. There's no reason to let our corporate friends have a monopoly on paycheck information.


Unknown said...

The pdf file is password protected.

Jeff Massie said...

An unlocked version is here.

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