Friday, July 04, 2014

Dinner For Few

My sentiments exactly:

The above was created by Nassos Vakalis, who's been an artist at DreamWorks Animation for a bunch of years.

About the movie Nassos V. remarks:

... Artistically, we were two people working on it. Me and Eva Vomhoff, who volunteered to help me from Germany. She did a lot of the technical work and some of the animation, including the tiger and most of the cats. I did the pigs and we shared the human butcher animation. This process lasted about two-and-half years. ...

Over the years I've watched Mr. Vakalis put together sequences for DreamWorks Animation, usually sitting in a room by himself, in front of a computer. He's usually handed visual assignments with an abundance of action. From the piece shown above, you can understand why they do that.


mark pudleiner said...

Very much looking forward to this. The whole look and the subject of the short have my attention.
- Well done Nassos and Eva.

Nassos Vakalis said...

Thanks Mark, I have send it to a few Canadian festivals and I hope at least one might take it. If you want join the films page in Facebook to get updates.

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