Tuesday, July 22, 2014

League of Legends

The Cinematic. (Suggested as a post by an animation fan way younger than I am).

CG animators, designers, and animation storyboard artists have moved back and forth between feature animation and games for years. (Work is work.) Adding that, Frozen, Tangled and Brave are first cousins of the product on display here.

The featurette up top went online today, and (as I write) closes in on 4,000,000 views.


Joel Fletcher said...

This new League of Legends cinematic has great animation and production value! In case anyone is wondering, the project was created at Blur Studio. It is weird how the Behind the Scenes video does not mention Blur at all, clearly they are being marginalized. I was working at Blur at the time on a different project (Elder Scrolls), but did have the opportunity to animate 4 shots on League of Legends. :-)

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