Thursday, July 03, 2014

Free Money

On the sceptered isle.

... Mike Watts, founder of Novel Entertainment said: “The government’s tax credit for animation has had a real impact, increasing the number of animation programmes and attracting new co-productions from overseas partners. In just one year, it has attracted £52 million of spend, with £8 million in inward investment. It makes good economic sense to extend these reliefs to the live-action sector.

“A live-action tax credit has the potential to reignite the children’s television industry. ...

Handing out movie and television tax credits is the new favorite sport of various national and state governments. One obvious question is: Where does it end?

Another question: Does it pay for itself? (Probably not.)

But the problem for California is, does the Golden State sit around and do nothing as its ninety-year-old iconic industry goes to New York, Canada and Georgia ... and our movie infrastructure crumbles away to nothing?

Don't know the answer to that..


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