Monday, July 21, 2014

Speaking of Sequels

Paramount, no longer distributing DreamWorks Animation product, links up with another animation studio.

In a first for Spanish productions, Paramount Pictures has signed a deal for worldwide distribution rights to two animated features – Capture the Flag and the sequel to 2012 hit Tad, the Lost Explorer.

Enrique Gato, who helmed the first Tad film, will direct both projects which are to be co-produced by Mediaset Espana’s Telecinco Cinema, Telefonica Studios and Los Rockets AIE, the companies said in a press release.

“This tie-up is an historic landmark in Spanish cinema as it will be the first time that a Hollywood studio agreed to distribute worldwide two Spanish films,” the companies said. ...

The first Tad made $50 million (give or take) in the global marketplace. Not much by Shrek or Frozen standards, but when your movie only costs 6.5 million euros (and I'm guesstimating here; IMDB says the budget was between 5-8 million euros) a good hunk of thart $50 million was pure profit.

Animation is a global industry. Tad #1 never got on my radar until I came across articles detailing its boffo box office (because $50 million is $50,000,000) in Spain, South America and elsewhere.

Because when you're movie costs 6.5 million euros and takes six or seven times that, you're a hero. And one of our fine, American entertainment conglomerates will want to get a piece of that.


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