Sunday, July 13, 2014

Double Meanings

It's been an interesting week for the animation community. Certainly interesting enough to give this Forbes piece from two days ago a deeper (and parallel) meaning.

Why Pixar President Ed Catmull's New Book Is One Of The Best Reads On Creative Leadership

The last chapter titled “Thoughts for Managing a Creative Culture,” offers a master class in creative leadership. From managing fear and failure in an organization to protecting new ideas and imposing productive limits, these are 33 gems. ...

Catmull’s open and supportive leadership, evidenced throughout the book, has surely been a crucial factor in the success of this ongoing collaboration of different kinds of workers. But his account, which consistently celebrates Steve Jobs and John Lasseter (among others), underscores how leadership among partners with complementary if distinct capabilities and even creative backgrounds can add value to a creative organization. ...

Reading Creativity, Inc., one can easily appreciate Catmull’s gifts as a leader whose style – deft, open, humble, caring, trusting, purposeful – has built, shaped and sustained an exceptional creative culture. ...

After the Pando Daily articles, "open, humble, caring" and "trusting" aren't the words that immediately spring to many people's minds.

But purposeful? Yeah, I would definitely go with purposeful.


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