Friday, July 11, 2014

Newer Development

From a couple of days back:

Sony Pictures Animation is developing a stop-motion “Superbago” movie with “Robot Chicken” exec producers/animators John Harvatine and Eric Towner directing.

Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, “Napoleon Dynamite” director Jared Hess and Eric Robinson are producing.

Hess, Ricky Blitt, Hubbel Palmer and Chris Bowman are writing “Superbago,” centering on a pair of superhero wannabes. Towner told Variety that “Superbago” has offbeat origins.

“This project started with a couple of buddies buying a ’73 Winnebago off Craigslist and making a short film near and dear to our hearts,” he said. “We found a super supportive home in Sony Pictures Animation and couldn’t be more thrilled with the talented team surrounding the project.” ...

So if they're doing it in Stop Mo, maybe it won't be shipped to Vancouver, where all Sony Imageworks computer stations now live.

Or maybe I'm being over-hopeful, and the stop motion will get the same free money as the CG. And so will end up in British Columbia with all the rest of Imageworks' production.


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