Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top Movie Segment

From the Guardian.

Animation tops action as UK's favourite film genre for first time --
Animated films represented more than 20% of the total UK box office receipts in 2013 generating £247m

... Figures from the British Film Institute show British audiences are being drawn to the cinema in their millions for films such as Despicable Me 2, Disney's Frozen, Monsters University and The Croods, all of which were in the top 10 films at the UK box office last year.

Despite only 33 animated films being released last year, compared with 153 comedies, they represented more than 20% of the total UK box office and generated £247m in 2013 – a £100m increase on the previous year. ...

It's pretty much the same story in other spots on the globe, so why not the sceptered isle?

And it explains why production for animated product trends up ... and up ... and up. It's the same story in television animation. We're seeing more shows put into the L.A. production pipeline, even as work goes north to the Free Money in Canada.


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