Saturday, December 05, 2015

At the Diz TVA

I visited the newest Disney TVA studio yesterday, this one located to the east of Disney's Sonora Avenue studio in Glendale.

This latest is in the heart of Glendale on Brand Boulevard, and has two series housed inside it. ...

The larger unit is for multiple episodes of a 2017 show that Disney XD announced last May.

The second series, not yet announced, has only a few story and development people on board, and is in the embryonic stages of its production life.

This new Glendale studio, built out last summer, makes the third facility Diz TVA has up and running. There's a sizable studio near the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, the studio on Sonora Avenue (near the site of the old Grand Central Airport), and now the Brand Boulevard establishment.

(Over the years, Disney TVA has been nothing if not peripatetic.

In its almost thirty years of existence, it's been located on the Disney Burbank lot, at the TV Academy Center in North Hollywood, at a site near the Lakeside Country Club, just off Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, and now at three different sites in nearby Glendale. And I'm leaving a couple of locations off this list because they happened before my business representative stint so I've no idea where they were.)


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