Friday, December 11, 2015

The Lure of Free Money, Part V

And the "reverse brain drain".

... About half of the 3,000 people in animation in British Columbia are employed by Canadian companies and about a quarter are working for B.C. companies.

“As big as Sony and Animal Logic are, they are actually outnumbered by the B.C. companies here,” Wong, of Creative BC, said.

According to tax credit certifications through Creative BC for the year ending March 2015, 44 animation projects were in progress in B.C. Many more projects were likely at an earlier or later stage of development. ...

Vancouver is seeing a “reverse brain drain.” ... Where Vancouver people used to head to Los Angeles, now senior people in Los Angeles are applying for jobs in Vancouver. ...

The Los Angeles animation industry is fairly robust, and TAG is at the highest membership level in its history. But think where the Southern California cartoon business would be if free money was being flung about.

We would have more of the animation action that now resides in Vancouver, Montreal, London and Sydney. (Maybe someday eh?)


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