Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas By R. Hulett

By request, a Ralph Hulett Christmas card.

On Friday, Gallery 839 opened the annual "Hulett Christmas Card Display" (and this year there are also John Sparey caricatures of Disney animation staff).

Ralph Hulett was born in Illinois in 1915, joined Walt Disney Productions in 1938, and was pretty much a Disney lifer, working there until his death in 1974. For most of his tenure he was a background artist on animated shorts and animated features, contributing artwork to every feature from Song of the South to The Rescuers.

He also painted hundreds of Christmas cards, back in the days when artists received royalties from their work. (This was but one of Hulett's numerous careers separate and apart from his work at the studio.) Over the seasons we have posted many of the cards here, but we have plumb run out of fresh specimens, and so run a select few from years gone by.

Regarding the one above, it's from the early 1960s and features a classic covered bridge with Monterey pines (?!) in the background. (Artists combine whatever elements they need to make their visions work, is it not so?)


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