Saturday, December 19, 2015

Work For Hire

A new animated feature from Japan that is only (?) partially Japanese.

Japan’s most famous anime production house is back in the animation saddle, with a European director holding the reins. ...

Studio Ghibli is now at work on a new animated movie, titled “The Red Turtle.” However, it’s debatable whether or not it should be called anime, since it’s a co-production with Europe’s Wild Bunch, and has a Dutch director and French screenwriter.

Sitting in the director’s chair is Michael Dudok de Wit, who also directed “Father and Daughter,” the winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 2001. ... This is the first time for Ghibli to produce animation for a foreign-spearheaded project. ...

Some anime fans might think the above is a bad outcome, but better to have an iconic studio team up with French and Dutch talent to make a new, full-length feature, than for there to be no full-length feature at all.

Having artistic dreams fulfilled is well and good, but keeping people gainfully employed is good too. Maybe better, since the alternative is No. Thing.


hamletprimeiro said...

This is good news for any Animation fan and I think this collaboration could bring a very rich and new view for Anime and Animation.

The great different that keep Ghibli apart from others Japanese studios(well beside the genious of Miyazaki and Takahata)is that Ghibli did keep a permanent staff of animators (not just contract them to work at a specific film) that build a organic collaboration through the years.

Miyazaki hits were instrumental at keeping this "strange" practice(for the Anime industry) runing.

I hope that Ghibli can find a formula to sustain the astonishing artistic quality of its movies. Don't matter if the production money came from Japan, Europe or USA.

Wil Hewson said...

If ever "Studio Ghibli / LeSean Thomas" becomes a reality...

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