Wednesday, December 02, 2015


We've known about this for some time, but now that it's been announced, well ...

I was hanging out with staffers at Cartoon Network today. They told me that one of the reasons the renewed SJ is on "Adult Swim" instead of your normal every-day Cartoon Network is because execs pitched Genndy that the Swim would afford him more creative freedom.

If it's better for an episode to be more violent, it can be made that way There are far fewer restrictions regarding content on the Network's late night block than there would be during earlier hours.

The good news for TAG is the show will be done at Cartoon Network's Burbank studios. Adult Swim brass have a penchant for making the adult shows under non-signator banners (think early Rick and Morty). Happily, this won't be the case for Samurai Jack.

We're also told that a lot of the old crew will be returning for the newer edition.


Grant said...

Here's hoping this time around they find some stories worth telling, and someone who's able to tell them well and coherently.

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