Monday, December 28, 2015

Robert Iger Speaks

... specifically, to Bloomberg.

He talks about Star Wars performance, the parks, ESPN, and ... oh yeah .. animation.

There are those who are not happy that the Walt Disney Company is no longer "24 karat Disney". But regardless of whether people like how Diz Co. has evolved, Mr. Iger has clearly added value to the company. Sure, he's changed it from "Disney" to "Keeper and Extender of Franchises", and many Disney purists are miffed. But the man has made some very smart business moves, and stockholders certainly like that.

It always mystified me why Fox didn't actively pursue Lucasfilm, particularly since they under-wrote the launch of the original and released the next five movies, but maybe Diz Co. just had more imagination ... and a more pro-actve game plan ...than Rupert and his minions did.


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