Monday, December 21, 2015

TAG Golden Award Inverview -- Rudy Zamora

One more video interview, this time with animation veteran Zamora.

The second in a series. ...

The interview above took place three decades ago, one of many quick interviews done at the awards banquet of the Animation Guild (which was then known as "The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists".)

Rudy Zamora had a looong career in the cartoon business. Born in Mexico City in 1910, he began work with the Sullivan studios and was still going strong in the 1980s at Hanna-Barbera. Mr. Zamora passed away at age 79, six years after this interview.


The Glow Worm (short) -- 1930

Boy Meets Dog (short) -- 1938

1001 Arabian Knights -- 1959

The Bullwinkle Show -- 1961

A Charlie Brown Christmas -- 1965

Super Friends -- 1980

The Smurfs 1981-85

The Jetsons -- 1985

Johnny Quest -- 1986

Yogi's Great Escape -- 1987

And on and on. ...

You will find the first of these Golden Awards interviews (courtesy of The Animation Guild, Harvey Deneroff and Cartoon Research's Jerry Beck) right here.


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