Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exit Softly

... into those fine secondary markets.

The words 'Pixar' and 'flop' are two words that have rarely been seen in the same sentence, unless of course it was discussing how the studio managed to go decades without creating one. That's all changed however, as The Good Dinosaur limps towards the end of its release without recouping its estimated $350 million cost. ... But Pixar seems to be happy to [let] the film quietly fade out of the public's view. ...

It was always bound to happen sometime.

No studio .. as in zero ... nada ... none ... remains in existence over a long span of years without hitting a rough patch. Without making a film that doesn't click and generates red ink instead of profits.

There have actually been a couple of other misfires under the Pixar administration's watchful eye. Planes, from Disney Toons Studios, didn't set the box office on fire. (Although given its cost, the picture likely made money). And Planes II from which good things were expected, completely laid an egg.

But of course, this time out it was mighty Pixar, not a cheap-jack direct-to-video division of the Disney Company on a seedy street in Glendale. When you are a studio batting a thousand, you hate to sully the record.

Well, now it's been sullied, and everybody can take a deep breath and move on.


Floyd Norman said...

Nobody expects a baseball star to hit a homer every time at bat. Not even one who is paid a gazillion dollars a year. Why should animation have such unrealistic expectations? Walt Disney in his prime never batted a hundred.

Steve Hulett said...

Absolutely correct, Floyd.

The fact that Pixar has had a twenty year run without a flop is unprecedented as far as can tell. But even record breaking win streaks come to an end sometime.

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