Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Michael E. SPEAKS

... in Florida. At the the Ringling College Library Association Town Hall Lecture Series. Sayeth Mr. Eisner:

... “I thought Florida was a great place for an animation studio. Florida became a great hotbed of creativity. It still is, with many animators coming out of Ringling, out of all parts of Florida. And there are all kinds of production still in Florida.” ...

“People thought television would kill movies; movies are still alive. It doesn’t happen. What happens is one and one adds up to 2.5. The audience just grows bigger, and the is more available access to programming. But when that transition happens, existing media gets very nervous.” ...

He noted 300 new television shows will premiere on some outlet in the next three months, an amount that dwarfs what happened in the days when putting Roots on ABC as a mini-series seemed an unprecedented act for television. “There’s a lot of junk,” he joked. “We always seem to maintain our level of junk.” ...

Michael Eisner was shuffled off the main stage at Disney a decade ago. He would no doubt be retired by now, but I could never understand why he sped up the process by dissing Roy Disney.

All it did was tick Roy off, who then set about pulling Diz Co.'s Chief Executive down. Which Roy did, in the same efficient manner that he had brought Ron Miller down two decades before.

If we know nothing else, we know that Disneys act on their grudges. Michael learned that lesson too late.


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