Sunday, January 10, 2016

Worldwide Grosses

Space opera domination continues.

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (Global Totals)

Star Wars 7 -- $104,300,000 -- ($1,733,411,043)

The Good Dinosaur -- $12,000,000 -- ($266,034,385)

Alvin and the Chipmunks -- 45,800,000 -- ($111,808,339)

The Peanuts Movie -- $8,600,000 -- ($221,351,812)

And as a journal of entertainment informs us:

... Entering its final market on Saturday, Disney/Lucasfilm’s supernova Star Wars: The Force Awakens shot off with a $52.6M two-day China opening. ... In Korea The Good Dinosaur opened at No. 1. In its 7th session, the international result was $12M, bringing the offshore total to $148.7M and the global cume to $266M. ...

The Peanutes Movie sold another $8.6M worth of tickest this weekend, from 6,732 screens in 59 markets. The international cume is approaching the century mark with $92.2M through Sunday. ... Alvin and the Chipmunks [collected] $5.8M from 4,020 screens in 24 markets, Alvin and the gang now have grossed $36.2M. ...

Lastly, Hotel Transylvania 2 finishes it worldwide run at $465,574,344.


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