Saturday, January 09, 2016

Jungle Book Too

There are people who don't like the old Disney classics getting tampered with. But I say, why the hell not? Walt's gone to his reward. And he tampered with Rudyard Kipling's book, didn't he?

John Favreau, the director of new incarnation of TJB, has his own take on creating the newer movie:

... "We never want to make the animals express emotions in ways that their species doesn't. How do you make it real? You hold a mirror up to nature. We have the breathing, the fur, the way the muscles move over the skin. The real challenge is to take all of this technical stuff and make it into an emotional experience. ...

"I tend to like puzzles and get obsessive about details. So in that sense, directing this way suits me. We made the animated version of the movie, the live action version, the motion-capture version. This kind of movie is like a marathon, not a sprint. ...

"We've got to make people go to the movies. We've got to make a case for it by showing them something they can't get at home."

I think the trailer is pretty compelling. Makes me want to see what they've done with the entire project.


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