Monday, January 04, 2016

One More Cartoon Into the TV Pool

The Reporter reports:

... Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks are expanding their professional relationship.

The duo is co-creating, co-writing and providing the two lead voices for an untitled animated pilot for FX, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

While details about the half-hour animated project are being kept under wraps, C.K. and Brooks will voice two of the lead roles and executive produce. The entry marks comedy veteran Brooks' first television credit following feature work. ...

Louis C.K. has made forays into all corners of movie and TV land, writing, directing, acting and distributing his own productions. He co-stars in Trumbo (now in release) and never stays in one box for long.

Albert Brooks is best known for his co-starring role in Broadcast News and voice work in Finding Nemo and The Simpsons. We'll soon find out if this pilot takes flight or not. Hopefully it'll get airborne.


Adam Martinez said...

The funny thing about this announcement is that it came right around the time Cassius and Clay got the ax for reasons nobody's apparently allowed to know.

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