Sunday, January 03, 2016

Your International B.O.

No surprises over what is doing well at the world box office. You got your Space Opera. You got your other heroic epics. And you got your cartoons.


Star Wars 7 -- $96,300,000 -- ($1,510,766,000)

Alvin and the Chipmunks -- $10,300,000 -- ($91,676,600)

The Peanuts Movie -- $16,800,000 -- ($205,884,800)

The Good Dinosaur -- $9,500,000 -- ($243,815,000)

Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2 -- $4,400,000 -- ($635,922,959)

The Little Prince -- $4,750,000 -- ($48,500,000)

Hotel Transylvania 2 -- $2,700,000 -- ($461,803,439)

And of course the trade journal rundown:

The Force Awakens has accumulated $770.5M in international box office after 19 days in release. That takes the global total is $1.51B and makes it the No. 3 movie of 2015 globally. ...

The Peanuts Movie added $16.75M this weekend, from 8,716 screens in 44 markets. The international cume is now $77.1M led by some cracker jack holds. A solid performance in Germany ($2.13M from 1,093/$6M cume) was up 19% from opening weekend. ...

The Good Dinosaur added $9.5M in its 6th weekend of overseas release from 54 territories representing about 66% of the international marketplace. The UK was a hotbed of activity for family fare this frame, lifting The Good Dinosaur by 97% over last week for an $18.5M cume. ...

Hunger Games added $4.4M for an international total of $361.7M. The cume worldwide is $636M with play continuing in 61 offshore markets. Germany is now tops at $43.1M. ...

Hotel Transylvania 2 rang up $2.7M in 34 markets as it approaches $300M internationally with $294M to date. Korea, its last market to release, has a local cume of $8M after two weeks. ...

Hotel Transylvania 2 has been in release since Spetember 25 last year, and is still pulling in theatrical grosses.


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