Thursday, January 07, 2016

RIP Pat Harrington, Jr.

The man who brought prominence to apartment handymen has departed.

... Pat Harrington Jr. has passed away at the age of 86. The comedian and voice-over actor was best known as the handyman Schneider on the classic 70s sitcom One Day at a Time.

He died Wednesday night, two months after his daughter announced that he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and that his health was deteriorating. Trese Harrington wrote in a statement:

Dear Friends, it is with the most unimaginable pain and sadness, that I tell you my father, Pat Harrington, Jr. passed away at 11:09 PM this evening. We were all with him today and tonight: crying, laughing and loving him. This is the single most heart wrenching and physically painful thing, I've ever had to endure. My heart is broken to pieces and I will cry and cry until I just won't. Love to you all! And as we head into this year, never be afraid to tell the people you love, that you love them." ...

Mr. Harrington had a long and busy career. Beyond the many character parts, he worked as a voice actor on numerous cartoons, including A Garfield Christmas Special, I Yabba Dabba Doo!, Yo Yogi!, Duckman, The Pink Panther, and numerous others.

The washington Posts' long, informative obituary on Mr. Harrington can be found here.


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