Monday, January 04, 2016

The Animation Guild Golden Award Interview #4 -- Ed Rehberg

Harvey Deneroff interviews animation vet Edwin Rehberg.

Harvey Deneroff tells us about Mr. Rehberg's long career here, at Cartoon Research. It's a longer interview than earlier specimens, filled with ambient noise, but a dandy time capsule back to January 1984.

We won't reiterate what Mr. Deneroff writes of Ed Rehberg, but a quick word about where these interviews come from.

They were under-written by the Animation Guild (aka Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists) thirty-one years ago. The tapes have been sitting in a cardboard box in our offices for three decades, and Harvey and Jerry Beck through it was high time to dust them off and hoist them on to YouTube, which they are doing ... week by week.

They are a small bright window that looks back on a time long gone by.

And I got this post up late, unfortunately. Too many things going on at the office to stay focused on old, history-laden interviews with guys who worked in cartoons in the 1920s. Shame on me.


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