Friday, June 29, 2007

History Snapshot: The Mintz Studios

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At the Charles Mintz Studios, mid-1930s. From left to right: Music composer Joe DeNat, animator Manny Gould, Harry Love, Charles Mintz, Al Rose, Ben Harrison, animator Jack Carr.

Today Charles Mintz is remembered -- if he's remembered at all -- as the guy who swiped Oswald the Rabbit from Walt Disney. But Mr. Mintz was briefly a player in animation, from the 1920s until his death at age 44 in 1940.

This is a shot of his California studio when he was releasing through Columbia Pictures and battling the Disney powerhouse. And failing. He managed to get two shorts nominated for Academy Awards in the 1930s, and lost out to Disney both times.

Disney was most likely pleased.

(This photograph -- from Bob Foster -- appeared in the Leonard Maltin book on animation, but since I worked on it awhile before finding this out, I throw it up now as a late-night sacrificial lamb. Feel free to ignore it.)


Thomas said...

I think all animators should go back to wearing golf knickers.

Joe Campana said...

I did a Mintz related post just a couple of days before yours! Must be something in the air...

It's at:

And although it's been reported (and repeated) over the years that Charles Mintz passed away in 1940, he actually died on the morning of Dec. 30, 1939 at the age of 50.

Anonymous said...

neat to see a picture of my great uncle, Ben Harrison. married my grandfathers mothers sister, a hildabrand. really neat. thanks, john mcgregor, johnstown pa.

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