Saturday, June 16, 2007

The B.O. Among Us

Another weekend at the turnstiles. To nobody's surprise, the Super Heroes have a really big Friday start on the weekend:

#1 -- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer -- $22,750,000

Clearly surfers of the silver variety trump those who are penguins.

#5 -- Surf's Up -- $2,875,000 (total: $28,246,000)

#7 -- Shrek the Third -- $2,650,000 (total: $290,892,000)

Update: F4 delivers a $57.4 million (and Stan Lee is having a really lucrative summer).

Ocean's 13 collects $19.1 million in its second frame and a $70 million total (and George Clooney overcomes the bad kharma from The Good German)...

And Judd Apatow continues his white hot streak with Knocked Up declining only 26% and reaching a $90.5 million cume.

In the animated sector, Surf's Up collects 49.3 million -- enduring a 47% box office decline in the process, and grossing #4,671,000 after two weekends. And Shrek the Third at #6 rakes in $9 million to come within a whisker of a domestic $300 million gross. (It's now $297.2 million.) I'm sniffing bonuses for the DreamWorks crew.

Update 2: Reuters recaps the box office weekend here.


Anonymous said...

I didnt see F4 but i did just see a sold out screening of Pixar's Rat movie.

its a solid picture and their streak continues. Its just great and you can take your kids unlike some other recent animated fair.

Anonymous said...

Ah Yeah me too, just saw Ratatouille at a sold out screen last night. It was fantastic, and the animation was superb (as expected of Pixar)

I just don't know if I have any motivation to see Shrek 3 =( loss of interest

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