Monday, June 11, 2007

Square Dance at Wartime Warners?

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Late on a Sunday night, I got me a vintage photo (courtesy of Bob Foster.) Warner Bros. Cartoons, early in the 1940s. It looks like either some western style party going on, or maybe the gang was doing a tribute to Republic Pictures.

From left to right: Phil DeGard, five unknowns, producer John Burton Sr., unknown, director Friz Freleng, animator Bob Matz, animator Phil Monroe, Mrs. Eddie Seltzer, Ken Harris, unknown, Manny Perez, sound effects tyro Treg Brown, Chuck Jones, Tom McKimson, Bob McKimson, layout artist Bob Gribboek, two unknowns, cameraman Ray Bloss, unknown, and Harry Love.

This looks to me like a soundstage, no doubt in Burbank, no doubt for a special social function. If anybody knows the exact date...and the occasion, do put your knowledge up in the comment section.


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