Monday, June 25, 2007

Studios on Monday

At Warners Animation, Sander has moved on and new studio boss Lisa Judson takes the helm on July 2 after coming out from New York. The top floor of the Warner Animation building is filled with new cubicles and animation desks, primed and ready for more productions and staff (ditto for the one-story structure on the other side of the Warner Ranch parking lot.) Hopefully Ms. Judson will make that happen.

Meanwhile, work proceeds apace on Tom and Jerry, The Batman, and The Legion of Super Heroes -- all with 13 episodes each. Crew will be cycling off The Batman in the next few weeks, even as artists come aboard for Scooby Doo and the Shadow Goblins, the big dog's latest direct-to-video feature.

Over at Nick, production and series is expanding as a couple of new shows ramp up and management works to figure out where to house new staff. I tried to get a list of everything that's now in work and was told: "Wait a few weeks until everything is firmed up. Then we'll tell you."

So I guess I wait a few weeks.


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